Feb 4, 2012

Welcome to life

Life's something the biggest scientists have yet to unravel, but it's undeniable that for most of us, it sucks.
In the past couple of years my house was hit by lightning and caught fire, my car was robbed, I figured my
family doesn't like me, and I've decided to leave my old friends behind. I have reached a point where I spend most of my day in my room, watching a movie, reading a book and mostly just thinking. I have found myself dwelling over the idea of committing suicide more than once only to come to the conclusion I won't do it because it's too painful, literally.
So why do we bother? For some of us it's religion that keeps us going, the belief that maybe there's some great being out there watching over us. For others a loved one they just couldn't leave behind. Perhaps some great goal we must achieve, or fear of the unknown... The reasons vary endlessly and the list could go on forever. But sometimes people just become miserable, lonely, depressed... They have treatments for such things but honestly that still doesn't change the facts, and I myself think that dealing and fighting is a much better way to go than running away, pretending that everything's ok when it's not. When your little brother annoys you you're not going to ignore him, if you do he'll just keep on doing as he likes thinking you won't care, but if you turn around and face him maybe it'll be harder, maybe your parents will automatically take his side and shout at you, maybe it'll be a harder fight, longer and more exhausting, but you will achieve two things: the first, you will be noticed, you won't be ignored and the matter will eventually be taken care of, the second is a stand of power, your brother now knows that you will fight, that you won't let things go by without a say and that eventually he would lose. 
Just the same the world wants you to ignore, to pretend everything's alright so they wouldn't have to deal with it themselves, but that doesn't mean that's the right way to go and personally I think that the strongest and most inspiring people are those that keep fighting till their last breath, those that don't just give up, those that don't pretend but actually go out there and try to work their way back into the life they want.
There was an Israeli chemist who had just won a noble prize after decades of being denied, he discovered something that changed the face of science as it was known and people wouldn't believe him, wouldn't listen to him because it would mean that they were wrong. But he never gave up, he kept on fighting to prove to the world that he was right, and maybe it took a long time but it was worth it, because eventually he won. If he like many others had given up at the first, second or thousandth denial he would have never made it. He might have lived his life peacefully sticking to the safe side, but he would have lived knowing he had missed out, and he would have regretted not fighting for what he believed in.

So yeah, life sucks, people suck, the world is one big mess of a fuck. But you can survive, all you have to do is fight.




  1. while googling about how life fucks...bumped into your blog....liked it....keep writing...:)